My name is Derek Dearden, and I created this site because it seems to me that there are several things missing from much of the debate on the looming ecological crises that we face (or not, depending on your point of view).

The main thing that is missing is the understanding that all of the issues and challenges that we face are interconnected.

Much energy is expended on attacking perceived problems with pollution, climate change, deforestation, exhaustion of minerals, waste-disposal, poverty, famine, disease, globalisation, population pressure, clean water, exploitation, existential angst, unemployment, workplace stress, financial instability, war, terrorism, and numerous other areas. There will be categories on this site for debate and discussion of all of these in more detail.
What almost never seems to be acknowledged is that all of these issues are so interdependent that they will never be resolved piecemeal. We will address all of them or none.

On the “Where are we headed?” page, I outlined what I see as a comprehensive list of the alternative states of the planet one lifetime away in the year 2017 . One notable omission from the list is “We will be continuing to muddle along much as we are at the moment.” That one is simply not an option.

We humans have the technology, the intelligence, the ingenuity, and the resources to build a world that works. We equally have the capacity to destroy ourselves utterly, perhaps taking much or all of the biosphere with us. This generation is the time when – together – we choose which…

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