A critical turning point for the Human Race

Some talk as though “Sustainability” were merely optional…

… but surely that would be a contradiction?

A situation that is anything other than sustainable, is one that – by definition – cannot be sustained.  And isn’t that precisely where we find ourselves now?

Very soon – probably well within the lifetime of children alive now – we will not be living the way we are today. The only question is: Will it be an improvement or a Disaster?

  • We won’t be burning fossil fuels because there won’t be any left to burn.
  • We won’t be extracting minerals to replace what we throw away because we’ll have exhausted the extractable supplies.
  • We won’t be dumping our wastes in the air, the rivers and the seas because we’ll have reached the limits of what those can absorb and yet support a living ecosystem.

The Choice we have to make is:

Will we use the short time we have left to make the transition to a Civilisation that can endure as long as the Earth remains habitable – maybe hundreds of millions of years – or will we simply carry on as we are until we run into the buffers?

The essays and videos on this site are an exploration of the issues that face us. Please feel free to join in the debate.